Francesco Cofano Bio


Francesco Cofano musically born in 1981 in Taranto, southern Italy. 10 years studying electronic keyboards and in the meantime
founded a
radio station and began his career as a DJ.
For nearly thirthy years he follows, initially the disco, with a special love for Earth Wind & Fire, George Benson not to mention the
Starts to perform at Taranto in 1984, but down from 1986 he comes out of provincial boundaries to attack the Puglia region. In 1989
he moved
to Milan and also opens new doors for the genre he begins to caress in house played music in the world is becoming the main feature
of the
Carrying an Akai sampler and a keyboard can make every night a remix constant. The residences are among the 90 in Milan, Bologna,
Worth mentioning in Milan the OTB, the Grand Caf� and the Shocking Club In Bologna, he spent two years in the disco bar Sea Port of
able to move 2000 people every Friday evening, going from house to delirium final sensational time where Tuca Tuca proposes and is
not taken
by the glass, but celebrated. In Taranto spends most of the summer here too imposing, always in situations of disco bars, in Bologna.
In 1996 he performed also mention clubs like the glorious sail, the Scorpion. Since 2000 he decided to abandon the permanent
presence, with
the exception of Cavalier Served Melegnano, in clubs and disco bar to use only the street and then playing Soulful & Deep evenings
only ad
Since 2009 is a manufacturer of Media Universe SoulfulHouse with labels, Irma Records Smoothnotes Rec, Audiobite, Playmore, Mercado
Several collaborations, from Alex and Chris, Shatti, DjTroby, Noelle Barbera, Nicole Mitchell, Meisha Moore Houston & RaShaan
Submantra and many others. Output in the compilation Fendi �Peace its trace of Mindsung by Noelle Barbera. Important remix out of
Lubo iLove
is Beautiful feat. JPI a song that is getting a huge worldwide success.
His remix for a worldwide contest Fallin by Alicia Keys is still the most played by DJs on the world stage ˘ big, Craig Stewart
Richard Earnshaw, Mark Gee to name a few.